About:Sojo Motegi

The kimono form is beautiful. The kimono is Japanese traditional culture. Many people feel and understand. But there are few chances to see a person who wearing a kimono in present-day Japan.
What should be done for traditional culture to survive? Even if the time changes, the popular support which doesn't change and the tact to which change are introduced will be necessary for it.
The traditional culture estranged from popular daily life is an endangered species already. Unfortunately, the kimono culture isn't also an exception.
Senshoku-sakka(dyeing of cloth), Sojo keeps taking a modern element as well as a classic one in a kimono using a traditional technique and an original dyeing technique. He is also a ROCK musician has the energy to always make tradition evolve novel. With the rare kind of skill of Sojo who works alone not dividing any process in the kimono production, makes the client's design image be accomplished perfectly.
His flexible and modest posture which doesn't regret an effort removes the distance with the kimono, and is pioneering certainly the daily life which many people enjoy a kimono freely like music.


Sojo Motegi

He is a Japanese Senshoku-sakka(dyeing artist) and is also a musician.

1953 He's born in Tokyo Hino-shi as a senshoku-sakka Takeo Motegi's eldest son. A painting and a dyeing technique are learned by father's guidance from time of infancy.
1980 He holds an exhibition with his father Takeo at Ginza Matsuzaki gallery.
1982 He debut from KITTY(at present, Universal Music).
1984 The activity is made only dyeing.
The rare person in the present-day kimono industry which have a steam iron pot in his home atelier, does sketches, design, dyeing and a fitting by himself.
"Sojo-zome (Sojo's dyeing technique)" is established using the "tame-gaki" technique invented originally, a Japanese painting, a western painting,
various work of traditional dyeing and the colorful color.
It's very popular with the kimono user who purchases an original kimono in particular.
As a musician, he's doing a live performance though irregular as a support member of a former band.

※ Senshoku-sakka(dyeing artist):The craftsman who deals with all processes by himself in kimono production mainly (or, artist).